Saturday, March 15, 2008

No Movement Means Movement

This week, the Monkeys are getting naughtier and not slowing down their mischievous activities. They pulled and pushed the Investment Jungle Lifeline. Monkey Subprime Crisis has been the leader of the pack for the past few weeks, pulling down the lifeline with new acrobatic moves. This week, Monkey Subprime Crisis found a new friend, Monkey Post-Election Effect. Being a very special specie, Monkey Post-Election Effect demonstrated its very first move in Malaysia and pulled the Investment Jungle Lifeline down by more than 10% in one day.

The Investment Jungle Lifeline has its life saving mechanism, knowing that Monkeys pulled and pushed both expected and unexpectedly. It rebounded on the second and third day after Monkey Post-Election Effect pulled it down. Eventually the swing ended at 1,194.84, representing a 10.2% drop from 1,330.61 as at the inception date of Hengdai Equity Fund IV.

In the chaotic happenings between the Monkeys and the Investment Jungle Lifeline, sat a Zen Monk. He is studying the Monkeys and the art of riding the Investment Jungle Lifeline. This week, he didn't move. And not moving at this juncture is the best strategy as no movement means movement.

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