Thursday, March 13, 2008

Layman Investor vs Sophisticated Investor

Have been talking to some close friends who are readers of the blog recently. Two contrasting 'needs' have been discovered. I group them as Layman Investor and Sophisticated Investor.

My Layman Investor friends have somehow complained about the complexity of the Daily Financial Teasers that comprised daily compilation of financial news worldwide. I heard them echoed "Don't know what the heck you are talking about". Fair enough. Most of the news are beyond the level of understanding of a Layman Investor. Not that they are stupid. Just that they are not really into understanding or knowing the worldwide financial industry in depth. They are more concerned particularly the impact of what is happening on their investments which bulk are equities in KLCI.

On the other hand, my Sophisticated Investor friends found that the Daily Financial Teasers are convenient for them in the sense that they could pick on headlines that they are interested. They understand the stories and it makes sense for them to read in details by clicking the links to the original source of the articles which are most quoted from CNN, Washington Post, CNBC, Bloomberg, Financial Times and other major financial news provider.

In this regard, I would like to please both my fellow Layman Investor and Sophisticated Investor friends by continuing posting the Daily Financial Teasers and other more technical financial articles. And to not confused the Layman Investor, I have decided to tag articles by either "Layman" or "Sophisticated" to reflect the level of depthness in the contents of the articles.

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