Friday, November 7, 2008

HDFIV Report Card @ 7 Nov 08

HDFIV is at the moment outperforming KLCI by 8.50% (30 Sept 08: 8.90%) at a loss of 24.32% (30 Sept 08: 14.54%) while KLCI suffered a loss of 32.82% (30 Sept 08: 23.44%). There was a dip in terms of performance during the month - bringing down our performance below KLCI's as IOI and Lion Industries had a major dip. Both stocks recovered and we are back on track in terms of outperforming KLCI.

With our short term trading stratety, we have managed to reduce our cost per share in Lion Industries Berhad from RM1.391 to RM1.160 (19% decrease). We have also added Genting Berhad into our portfolio.

Asset Allocation:
21% cash available for short term trading and continuous cost averaging down.

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