Monday, July 28, 2008

HDFIV Report Card @ 28 July 2008


HDFIV currently is beating KLCI by 1.63% at a loss of 11.52% while KLCI registered loss of 13.15%.

We have managed to accumulate stocks in gaming, banking, stock exchange, oil and gas as well as plantation over the past few months. 40% of our porftfolio lies in Public Bank Berhad, the bank that has solid track record over the years in terms of generating profits and providing returns via dividend and capital growth.

Asset Allocation:

We have been on a monthly basis accumulating stocks or averaging out purchases. Cash remains at 15% at the moment since it is near month end. Cash coffer expected to increase in month August 2008 with new contributions.


The decision to include volatile stocks such as Bursa in the porffolio will result in volatility in our portfolio's return. Further, any rise or fall in KLCI will have direct impact on our portfolio as all our holdings except for Wah Seong warrants are KLCI components. However in the event KLCI rebounds, we stand to reap the gain. Such volatility is mitigated with the benefits of monthly inflow. We will keep to our strategy of stock accumulation at various levels of prices. Fear is still greatly felt in the market at the moment due to political uncertainties. That is why we are accumulating despite calls from analysts and research houses to sell or hold.

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